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A pollen grain contains male gametophyte parts that produce what?
a) egg cells b) sperm cells c) seeds d) sepals
The transfer of pollen grains from the stamen to the pistil is called what?
a) fertilization b) sexualization c) pollination d) transferization
Which part of a flower is the male reproductive part?
a) stamen b) pistil c) sepal d) flower petals
The fuction of the flower in reproduction is to do which of the following?
a) protect the seeds b) make pollen grains c) look pretty d) attract pollinators
Which of the following is not part of the pistil?
a) stigma b) ovule c) style d) anther
Eggs are produced in which part of the flower?
a) Anther b) Stamen c) Ovary d) Stigma
After fertilization which of these will become seeds?
a) pollen grains b) ovules c) sepals d) petals
What is the name of the female reproductive organ in the flower?
a) stamen b) filament c) pistil d) sepal
After pollination, a pollen tube grows from the where to where?
a) ovary to the stigma b) anther to the ovary c) stigma to the ovary d) ovary to the style
After fertilization, which part of the flower becomes fruit?
a) ovules b) ovary c) petals d) sepals
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