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a) gradually slow down b) gradually speed up c) loud d) accented
What note is lasts for 2 BEATS
a) eighth note b) quarter note c) half note d) whole note
What musical symbol has 5 lines and 4 spaces and the notes rest on it?
a) chart b) a staff c) lines d) spaces
What symbol means "gradually louder?"
a) accelerando b) ritardando c) decrescendo d) crescendo
forte (f)
a) soft b) loud c) accented d) gradually softer
mezzo forte (mf)
a) medium loud b) medium soft c) medium speed d) medium accent
piano (p)
a) loud b) very soft c) soft d) very loud
What note receives 1/2 a beat?
a) quarter note b) eighth note c) half note d) sixteenth note
What rest receives 1 beat?
a) eighth rest b) whole rest c) half rest d) quarter rest
What rest receives 2 beats?
a) quarter rest b) half rest c) eighth rest d) whole rest
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