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_____________ is the process where smaller molecules combined to larger ones
a) Anabolism b) Symbolism c) Metabolism d) Catabolism
______________ is the process where larger molecules are combined to smaller ones
a) Catabolism b) Symbolism c) Metabolism d) Anabolism
The liquid surrounding and providing cells with what they need to live is
a) Extracellular fluid b) Anabolic Fluid c) Seminal Fluid d) Matrix
The substance providing support to connective tissues is
a) Matrix b) Matrix c) Seminal Fluid d) Anabolic Fluid
The term describing maintenance of the ECF concentration is
a) Homeostasis b) Hydroscopic c) Equilibrium d) Homozygous
The process of moving molecules from higher concentration to a lower concentration
a) Diffusion b) Passive Transport c) Active Transport d) Osmosis
A solvent (water) moves across the membrane to equalize the concentration
a) Osmosis b) Passive Transport c) Active Transport d) Diffusion
Using energy to put molecules into a higher concentration
a) Active Transport b) Diffusion c) Osmosis d) Passive Transport
Cell membrane wraps around a molecule which is too large to diffuse
a) Endocytosis b) Exocytosis c) Active Transport d) Passive Transport
A membrane bound-sac containing a molecule (protein) combines with the cell membrane and releases the molecule
a) Exocytosis b) Endocytosis c) Active Transport d) Passive Transport
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