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MInerals are made of one or more ____.
a) elements b) structures c) rocks d) colors
a mineral is an ore as long as ____.
a) it is rare. b) it is natural c) it remains a solid d) it is profitable
Which is not a characteristic of a mineral?
a) solid b) indefinite composition c) showing crystal form d) naturally occuring
Iron ore
a) hematite b) gypsum c) bauxite d) galena
Which is a mineral?
a) gold b) coal c) limestone d) granite
Used for paint and powder
a) talc b) copper c) mica d) gold
An uneven break in a mineral.
a) rarity b) luster c) fracture d) cleavage
The way a mineral shines.
a) streak b) cleavage c) luster d) hardness
Metalic and glassy are types of _________.
a) streak b) fracture c) luster d) hardness
Cement is made from
a) galena b) talc c) gypsum d) calcite
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