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The chip in the computer that performs all the information processing is which of the following?
a) ROM b) RAM c) CPU d) CADD
Preset settings for margins, tabs, line spacing and justification in a word processing document are known as...
a) defaults b) values c) font styles d) headings
Boldface, italics, and underlining are examples of...
a) page formatting b) page layout c) text or character formatting d) printing
The most common input device on a computer is a...
a) scanner b) monitor c) keyboard d) printer
The mark on the display screen that indicates where the next character will be displayed is the...
a) cursor b) status line c) header d) automatic return
Hard drives, pen drives and CDs are ______ for the computer.
a) output devices b) peripherals c) input devices d) storage devices
What kind of memory is permanent and contains the instructions for starting up a computer?
a) RAM b) ROM c) FLASH d) Cache
The brain of the computer is called the...
a) CPU b) ROM c) CD ROM d) memory chip
A form of memory that holds items that can be read but not erased or changed is called
a) RAM b) ROM c) CPU d) Virtual
Which kind of memory is considered temporary memory?
a) RAM b) ROM c) CPU d) FLASH
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