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What unit of measurement would you use to measure a bowling ball?
a) foot b) pounds c) ton d) gallon
What is an exact location in space?
a) a point b) a line c) a ray d) a plane
What figure is a three sided equilateral?
a) triangle b) hexagon c) parallegram d) plane
What is the range of 92,72, and 43?
a) 49 b) 40 c) 30 d) 72
What is the product for 51x30?
a) 1,530 b) 1,234 c) 1,567 d) 3,679
What is the best way to measure three gallons of water?
a) liters b) milliliters c) ounces d) pounds
What does a whale weigh?
a) 120 t b) 120 kg c) 1,200 g d) 4,000 gal
There are _ feet in a yard?
a) three b) five c) six d) seven
4,004 divied by 2 is?
a) 202 b) 20 c) 2002 d) 400
What is 6x4?
a) 24 b) 67 c) 32 d) 44
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