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Received backing of their home states rather than that of the national party
a) Favorite Son Candidates b) Republicans c) Democrats d) Federalists
This is what Jackson supporters called the Adams-Clay bargain
a) Unfair b) Illegal c) Cheating d) Corrupt Bargain
By 1828, the Republican party had divided into two parties. What are they?
a) Democratic Republicans and Federalists b) Federalists and National Republicans c) Democratic Republicans and National Republicans d) Republicans and Federalists
The right to vote
a) embargo b) suffrage c) depression d) national debt
By 1840, ____________ voted in the United States.
a) 20% of white females b) 50% of white males c) everyone d) 80% of white males
Introduced by Edmund Randolph
a) Virginia Plan b) New Jersey Plan c) Great Compromise d) Three-Fifths Compromise
Introduced by Roger Sherman
a) Great Compromise b) Three-Fifths Compromise c) New Jersey Plan d) Virginia Plan
Introduced by William Patterson
a) New Jersey Plan b) Virginia Plan c) Three-Fifths Compromise d) Great Compromise
Based on population
a) House of Representatives b) Sentate c) Supreme Court d) Executive Branch
Equal Representation
a) House of Representatives b) Senate c) Supreme Court d) Executive Branch
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