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To swirl in a circular motion
a) rotate b) collide c) upheaval d) prairies
Having a ragged or pointed edge or outline.
a) jagged b) severe c) lightning d) tornadoes
The flash of light that occurs when electricity builds up in storm clouds.
a) lightning b) sizzling c) prairies d) tornadoes
Violent, whirling winds in funnel-shaped clouds.
a) tornadoes b) collide c) upheaval d) prairies
To come together with forceful impact.
a) collide b) lightning c) severe d) sizzling
Large areas of flat or rolling grassland.
a) prairies b) sizzling c) collide d) lightning
Serious or extreme in nature
a) severe b) collide c) lightning d) tornadoes
A lifting or upward movement.
a) upheaval b) rotate c) collide d) jagged
Crackling or hissing with intense heat.
a) sizzling b) tornadoes c) lightning d) rotate
Uneven or unsteady
a) erratic b) rotate c) tornadoes d) lightning
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