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A food aor drink that a person usually has.
a) diet b) giant c) smooth d) hungry
A person who buys things.
a) shopper b) shopping c) vegetables d) diet
Even; not toom much or something
a) balanced b) smooth c) vegetables d) hungry
Plants or parts of plants that are consumed as food.
a) vegetables b) diet c) shopping d) dairy
Going to the story to buy things.
a) shopping b) shopper c) hungry d) giant
Something that feels even and has no rough spots.
a) smooth b) hungry c) dairy d) vegetables
Foods that are made with milk, cream or cheese.
a) dairy b) vegetables c) hungry d) balanced
Much bigger than usual.
a) giant b) hungry c) balanced d) diet
Wanting to eat.
a) hungry b) smooth c) diet d) shopping
A food or drink that a person usually has.
a) diet b) dairy c) vegetables d) giant
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