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what part of speech is slope
a) noun b) verb c) adjective d) none
what is a measure of the steepness ( tilt ) of a line on a graph
a) slope b) x-intercept c) y-intercept d) slope intercept form
where a graph line crosses the x-axis
a) x-intercept b) y-intercept c) slope d) coordinate plane
where a line crosses the y-axis
a) y-intercept b) origin c) ordered pair d) zero
simplified equation of a line
a) slope- intercept form b) y-intercept c) slope d) variable
opposite of slope
a) level b) curved c) high d) up and down
smae as slope
a) tilt b) curved c) rise d) run
opposite x-intercept
a) y-intercept b) x,y c) origin d) slope
opposite of slope intercept form
a) standard form b) hard form c) slope d) y-intercept
sketch for slope intercept form
a) y=mx+b b) x=xm+b c) y=mx-b d) y=mx+c
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