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Why is just one side of the moon visible from Earth?
a) The moon does not rotate on its axis it orbits Earth b) The moon rotates at the same speed it revolves c) Half the moon is always unlit by the Sun d) Half of the moon does not reflect light from the Sun
Complete the phase order New moon --> waxing Crescent --> ?
a) Waning Crescent b) Third Quarter c) Full Moon d) First Quarter
Complete the phase order Waxing Gibbous --> Full Moon --> ?
a) Waning Crescent b) Waxing Crescent c) Waning Gibbous d) Third Quarter
Which motion causes the Moon to show phases when viewed from Earth
a) the rotation of the moon on its axis b) The moon moves through Earth's shadow c) the rotation of the sun on its axis d) the revolution of the moon around the Earth
Which words best describe the different shapes that the moon appears to be?
a) Waning and Waxing b) Waning and crescent c) Waxing and Gibbous d) Crescent and Gibbous
Why does the moon appear to shine?
a) It is covered with ice b) It reflects light from the sun c) it rotates faster than Earth d) Its gravity makes it glow
What is a waxing Moon?
a) When the moon is growing b) When the moon is shrinking c) When the moon looks brighter d) None of the above
Approximately how much bigger is the Earth than the moon
a) 5 times b) 10 times c) 3 times d) 4 times
The craters on the moon where caused by?
a) water b) meteroids c) comets d) spaceships
A solar eclipse occurs during which moon phase
a) new moon b) full moon c) third quarter d) first quarter
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