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Medicines that kill bacterial are called
a) antibiotics b) plastic c) polymer d) penicillin
What is a polymer?
a) a bitter solution that changes colors b) a chain of identical molecules connected together c) a medicine that kills germs d) a sour solution that changes colors
This describes the strength of an acid
a) alkalinity b) identity c) neutralizer d) acidity
What was added to a solution to tell if it was an acid or base?
a) a pH b) an indicator c) an acid d) a base
What is added to your stomach when you have a build up of acid?
a) more acid b) lemon juice c) water d) a base
When bubbles form, this is an example of what change?
a) physical change b) acid change c) chemical change d) neutral change
If a solution is not an acid or a base, it is
a) neutral b) a polymer c) basic d) acidic
Plastic is a polymer made from
a) petroleum b) physical reactions c) liquids d) gas
A candle burning is a chemical change because
a) the wax dissappears and becomes a gas b) the candle can be reused c) the candle changes color d) the candle changes size and shape
Making a paper airplane out of paper is what kind of change?
a) chemical change b) neither c) chemical change and physical change d) physical change
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