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A consumer amenity at a facility or venue would be:
a) entertainment b) souvenirs c) t-shirts d) will-call ticket window
Facility managers work with other managers to set policies for:
a) alcohol b) automated teller machines c) first-aid stands d) will-call ticket windows
What is the general rule concerning smoking at a sports and entertainment facility?
a) allowed only at your seat b) allowed anywhere c) allowed only in restrooms d) prohibited except in designated areas
An example of an activity NOT prohibited at an athletic event is:
a) cheering for your team b) disorderly conduct c) standing in seats d) throwing objects from the stands
Facilities designed for many different types of events are known as:
a) dual-purpose b) multi-purpose c) open purpose d) single-purpose
Facilities designed for only one type of event are:
a) closed purpose b) mono purpose c) multipurpose d) single purpose
Kings Dominion, famous for its roller coasters, is an example of a(n):
a) amusement park b) aquatic center c) state park d) zoological park
Pinehurst, NC, where Tiger Woods has played, is an example of a(n):
a) aquatic center b) golf course c) tennis court d) theme park
An appropriate place to take a child to see lions, elephants and bears would be a:
a) horse riding stable b) Gettys' 4th period c) stadium d) zoological park
The person responsible for the planning, designing, and maintaining a venue is the:
a) sponsor b) facilities manager c) marketing director d) vendor
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