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A tool to help identify an organism's scientific name
a) dichotomous key b) animal's habitat c) family d) kingdom
The great variety of plant and animal species onthe earth.
a) phylogeny b) species c) species diversity d) taxonomy
The smallest, most specific category
a) Mrs. Gasparich b) tiny c) kingdom d) species
The 2 name naming system
a) Biname System b) Binomial Nomenclature c) Nomenclature Bicycleial d) Nonameinclature Binomial
The science of grouping and naming organisms.
a) King Phillip b) regrouping c) classified d) taxonomy
To put similar organisms into groups
a) binomialize them. b) classify c) clarified d) binomial classified
An organisms evolutionary history
a) old age b) prehistoric c) phylogeny d) diversity
A group made up of all of the orders of a similar species.
a) class b) classified c) binomial classify d) classity class class
The largest of the classification categories
a) Eons b) Phylum c) Kingdom d) Animalia
the second highest of the taxonmical categories in the PLANT kingdom
a) Multiplication b) phylum c) Kindgom d) Division
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