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_________ change color depending on the pH of a solution
a) indicators b) antacid c) electrolyte d) carboxyate group
pH is a measure of __________ in a solution
a) salts b) electrolytes c) hydronium ions d) antacids
baking powder and baking soda are __________ used in baking
a) salts b) indicators c) electrolytes d) glycerols
a byproduct of the chemical reaction that makes soap is
a) lye b) glycerol c) salt d) antacids
another name for vitamin C
a) ascorbic acid b) lactic acid c) lactose d) glucose
salts are _______ compounds formed when acids and bases react
a) ionic b) neutral c) hydronium d) carboxylates
a compound that contains hydroxide ions is a
a) base b) acid c) electrolyte d) indicator
soaps and detergents are good cleaners because they dissolve in both
a) hot and cold temperature b) water and oil c) water and alcohol d)
an __________ conducts elctricity when in dissolved in water
a) electrolyte b) ion c) base d) acid
in a neutralization reaction, hydronium ions react with hydroxide ions to produce
a) acid b) base c) water d) all of the answers are correct
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