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Cells control center
a) nucleus b) cell membrane c) chloroplasts d) cell wall
made of different tissues that function together
a) tissue b) organ c) muscle d) cell
stores food, waster, other materials needed by cell
a) mitochondria b) cell membrane c) cell wall d) vacuole
This structure can only be found in a plant cell
a) cell membrane b) nucleus c) cell wall d) tissue
group similar cells work together to perform specific function
a) tissue b) organ c) muscles d) cells
Made of many cells
a) single cells b) multi cellular c) many cells d) unicellular
small grain shaped organelles that produce proteins
a) mitochondria b) nucleus c) chloroplasts d) ribosomes
cells power producer
a) mitochondria b) nucleus c) cell membrane d) cell wall
surrounds cell, holding parts of it together
a) cell wall b) nucleus c) cell membrane d) ribosomes
capture energy from sunlight, give leaves their green color
a) Golgi apparatus b) chloroplasts c) lysosomes d) ribosomes
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