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Hot magma can mostly be seen coming out of a(n) ________________________.
a) earthquake b) active volcano c) dormant volcano d) fauls
A landform that looks like a mountain with a flat top is called a __________________
a) mountain b) plain c) plateau d) valley
A crack in the Earth's surface is called a _____________________.
a) fault b) volcano c) plain d) mountain
Part of a mountain can be blown off during a ______________________
a) rainstorm b) volcano c) thunderstorm d) earthquake
The shaking of part of the Earth's surface is most likely caused by a ___________________
a) volcano b) mountain c) earthquake d) plataeu
Dormant volcanoes are volcanoes that ___________________
a) are sleeping b) are always erupting c) erupt every other day d) none of these
Mountains formed by hardened lava are called __________________
a) landforms b) earthquakes c) volcanoes d) plateaus
An example of a landform is ___________________________
a) plateaus b) plains c) mountains d) all of these
What is the Earth mainly made of?
a) water b) land c) rocks d) dirt
What is a landform?
a) buildings b) oceans c) shapes of land d) shapes of water
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