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Which domain contains the most complex organisms with eukaryotic cells?
a) Archaea b) Bacteria c) Eukarya d)
Which kingdom has simple organisms with prokayotic cells?
a) Animalia b) Monera c) Protista d) Plantae
Which domain has the oldest organisms?
a) Archaea b) Bacteria c) Eukarya d)
Which level of classification has the most genetically similar organims?
a) class b) family c) genus d) species
In which kingdom do plankton belong?
a) Animalia b) Monera c) Plantae d) Protista
Which kingdom has all multicellular organisms which are heterotrophs?
a) Animalia b) Fungi c) Monera d) Protista
Which 2 levels of classification make up a scientific name?
a) genus,class b) genus,family c) genus, order d) genus, species
Which vertebrates have existed for 500 million years?
a) amphibians b) birds c) fish d) mammals
When did mammals first evolve on Earth?
a) 100 million years ago b) 200 million years ago c) 300 million years ago d) 500 million years ago
Which kingdom had autotrophic multicellular organisms?
a) Fungi b) Monera c) Plantae d) Protista
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