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A sort in reverse alphabetical order is also known as a(n) __________________ sort.
a) Ascending b) Reverse c) Descending d) Return
An object that is used to retrieve only specific fileds of a database is a(n) _______________.
a) Query b) Filter c) Form d) Field
Which of the following is used to retrieve specific information within fields of a database?
a) Query b) Filter c) Form d) Report
Which type of query performs a task on the data it retrieves, such as deleting or updating it?
a) Select b) Retrieval c) Report d) Action
Before creating a new database, the user must first:
a) Import external data b) Create a table c) Save it with a file name and location d) Run a query
Multiple fields combined in the same row form a ____________________.
a) Record b) Report c) Query d) Filter
A more user-friendly way to enter information is called a(n) __________________.
a) Query b) Report c) Table d) Form
A form that you complete in order to register for school would be a ________________ in a database.
a) Field b) Report c) Record d) File
To find the average of a numeric field, select the __________________ options in the query wizard.
a) Layout b) Summary c) Sort d) Data type
To place data from an external source into a new table in a database, the user must ____________________ the data file.
a) Export b) Import c) Search d) Re-enter
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