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What is a substance?
a) the same composition and properties throughout b) mixture c) chemical properties d) compounds
What is a compuond?
a) A substance whose smallest un it is made up of one or more atoms b) neutrons c) electrons d) protons
How do you seperate iron filings and sawdust?
a) boil them b) filter them c) with hands d) magnet
What is a element?
a) oxygen b) electrons c) matter made of one kind of atom d) neutrons
Which is a mixture?
a) blood b) oxygen c) hydrogen d) chlorine
How do you seperate saltwater?
a) boil water b) strain water c) magnet d) with your hands
What is a atom?
a) mixture b) small particle c) something that has weight d) a bobbypin
Which is a state of matter?
a) mixtures b) plasma c) matter d) density
Which is not matter?
a) light b) cows c) people d) highlighters
Which is not a physical property?
a) size b) length c) mass d) flamibility
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