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One reason cities grew was-
a) integration b) discrimination c) immigration d) information
The Chicago settlement house known as Hull House was founded by-
a) Jane Addams b) Andrew Carnegie c) Janie Porter Barrett d) Jordan Marsh
One reason immigrants came to America in the late 1800s/early 1900s was-
a) to enter an oppressive government b) to immigrate to Europe c) population changes d) religious freedom
What provided community centers that offered services to the poor?
a) Ellis Island b) settlement houses c) parochial schools d) tenements
Tenements were-
a) spacious, healthy, and safe b) clean, well-built, and expensive c) crowded, unsafe, and unsanitary d) fire-proof, cheap, and sanitary
What is NOT a reason immigrants came to the U.S. after the Civil War?
a) escape oppressive governments b) cattle drives c) religious freedom d) hope for better opportunities
What was NOT a problem in cities?
a) political machines b) sanitation problems c) too much money d) overcrowding
A famous political boss who ran a political machine in New York City was-
a) Boss Smith b) Boss Addams c) Boss Hull d) Boss Tweed
Another name for an immigrant neighborhood is-
a) ghetto b) tenement c) settlement d) culture
One reason that cities grew was due to specialized industries. What industries helped cities grow?
a) steel and meat packing b) farming and steel c) meat packing and farming d) steel and flower making
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