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First European to discover a sea route to America.
a) Christopher Columbus b) Christopher Newport c) Jacques Cartier d) Juan Ponce de Leon
First European to land in Florida, gave Spain a claim to Florida.
a) Christopher Columbus b) Christopher Newport c) Juan Ponce de Leon d) Jacques Cartier
Explored the St. Lawrence River Valley and gave France a North American claim
a) Christopher Newport b) Jacques Cartier c) Juan Ponce de Leon d) Christopher Columbus
Arrived at prsent day Jamestown
a) Christopher Columbus b) Juan Ponce de Leon c) Christopher Newport d) Jacques Cartier
The birthplace of democracy
a) Greece b) China c) Mali d) Rome
The birthplace of a Republican form of government
a) Greece b) Rome c) Mali d) China
The Olympic games of today are modeled after the games of ancient
a) Rome b) Egypt c) Greece d) Mali
Kites and fireworks were invented here
a) Egypt b) China c) Rome d) Greece
Pyramids can be found here
a) Egypt b) China c) Rome d) Greece
This country traded gold for salt
a) Mali b) Rome c) China d) Greece
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