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What is the U.S. government?
a) Representative Republic b) none of the above c) Democracy d) Communist
Who was the first president to talk on the radio?
a) Calvin Coolidge b) none of the above c) John F. Kennedy d) Woodrow Wilson
Who was the presedent of the USA during Word War I ?
a) John Adams b) none of the above c) Winston Churchhill d) Woodrow Wilson
Who was the leader of Germany during World War I ?
a) Ronald Reagan b) none of the above c) Kieser Wilham II d) Winston Churchhill
What side were the Indians in the French and Indian War ?
a) France b) neither c) Japan d) England
Who conqered Mexico?
a) Vasco De Gama b) George Washington c) Orlando Cortes d) John Cabit
Where did Columbus land on his first journey?
a) San Salvador b) China c) South America d) Japan
What country was Columbus's hometown?
a) Spain b) Italy c) France d) England
Who was the military leader of Japan during World War I ?
a) Bill Clinton b) none of the above c) Adoph Hitler d) Tojo
What country started World War I ?
a) China b) none of the above c) Germany d) Japan
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