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The basic building blocks of matter
a) elements b) molecules c) particles d) cells
Most elements, 3/4 of them are
a) nonmetals b) metals c) minerals d) glass
This is a measure of the pull of gravity on an object
a) density b) pull c) mass d) weight
Instrument that measures weight is a
a) spring scale b) balance scale c) graduated cylinder d) measuring cup
Weight changes when what changes?
a) mass b) elements c) gravity d) density
Is the amount of matter in an object
a) density b) mass c) volume d) weight
The part of an atom that is outside of the atom and has a negative charge
a) neutron b) nucleus c) proton d) electron
The very center of an atom is
a) electron b) neutron c) proton d) nucleus
This part of an atom is in the nucleus and has a positive charge
a) proton b) electron c) neutron d) nucleus
All the elements are organized in a table called
a) periodic graph b) element chart c) periodic table d) atom table
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