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What causes surface currents?
a) electricity b) gravity c) tides d) winds
How many major current gyres are there?
a) 5 b) 10 c) 15 d) 20
Which wind pattern produces the equatorial currents?
a) Polarlies b) Prevaling westerlies c) Jet Stream d) Tradewinds
This surface current never encounters land and transports the most water in the world?
a) Gulf Stream b) Equatorial c) Pacific d) West Wind Drift
The Gulf Stream is an example of this type of surface current?
a) Eastern boundary b) Northern boundary c) Southern boundary d) Western boundary
In which direction do surface currents go in the southern hemisphere?
a) clockwise b) counterclockwise c) north d) south
In which ocean is the Gulf Stream located?
a) Arctic Ocean b) Atlantic Ocean c) Indian Ocean d) Pacific Ocean
Which ocean has an unusual wind pattern that reverses during certain seasons?
a) Arctic Ocean b) Atlantic Ocean c) Indian Ocean d) Southern Ocean
Which ocean has no gyre?
a) Arctic Ocean b) Indian Ocean c) Pacific Ocean d) Southern Ocean
What determines deep water currents?
a) Density b) pH c) waves d) winds
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