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Desks : School :: Books : ____________
a) Computer Lab b) Library c) Media Center d) Small shelf
Wind : Hurricane :: Snowflake : ____________
a) Hail Storm b) Monsoon c) Blizzard d) Snowfall
Corn : Grain :: Venison : ____________
a) Deer b) Bison c) Buffalo d) Bear
Summer Olympics : Gymnastics :: Winter Olympics : _______________
a) Baseball b) Tennis c) Basketball d) Ice Hockey
Eiffel Tower : Paris :: London Bridge : _____________
a) France b) England c) Egypt d) Europe
Responsible : Careless :: Courteous : ___________
a) Helpful b) Rude c) Hateful d) Kind
Celebration : Joyful :: Funeral : _______________
a) Mournful b) Happiness c) Gloomy d) Dark
Rain : Fall :: Wind : ______________
a) Painful and cold b) Thunder c) Blow d) Shake
Doctor : Heals :: Architect : _______________
a) Destorys b) Designs c) Demolishes d) Discovers
Dam : Water :: ___________ : _______________
a) Door : Room b) Cattle : Prod c) Chef : Recipe d) Curtain : Sunlight
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