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What does CPR stand for
a) Cardiopulmonary rescue b) Cardiac personal resuscitation c) Cardiopulmonary resuscitation d) Caring personal rescue
What is CPR?
a) Back blows b) Chest compressions c) Rescue breathing d) A combination of chest compressions and rescue breathing
When is CPR performed?
a) If a person is choking b) If a person is in cardiac arrest c) If a person faints d) If a person has an asthma attack
What is one of the most common causes of cardiac arrest?
a) Ventricular fibrillation b) Heartburn c) Defibrillation d) Atrial Fibrillation
When is the best time to administer CPR?
a) As soon as possible after a cardiac incident b) One to three minutes after a cardiac incident c) Ten minutes after a cardiac incident d) Fifteen minutes after a cardiac incident
Why is CPR important?
a) It provides a small supply of blood and oxygen to the brain and vital organs b) It keeps the heart beating c) It keeps the aorta from collapsing d) It prevents cardiac arrest
What does C-A-B stand for?
a) Cardiac abnormal beat b) Circulation and breathing c) Circulation airway breathing d) Cicrulatory abnormal breathing
What does a cycle of CPR consist of?
a) Twenty chest compressions and two rescue breaths b) Thirty chest compressions and two rescue breaths c) Twenty chest compressions and three rescue breaths d) Thirty chest compressions and three rescue breaths
What is the proper rate of chest compressions in CPR?
a) 40 per minute b) 60 per minute c) 80 per minute d) 100 per minute
What does the AMA recommend untrained bystanders do if they witness a cardiac emergency?
a) Nothing b) Call for help but do not perform CPR c) Call for help and perform hands-only CPR d) Call for help and perform CPR
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