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Ecology is
a) another term for environmentalism b) all of the answers are correct c) the same thing as biology d) study of how organisms relate to each other and their environment
A(n) __________is a distinct area, usually with clearly defined boundaries, with distinct abiotic conditions and a community of interacting organisms
a) ecosystem b) habitat c) population d) community
a collection of different organisms living in an ecosystem would be called
a) a niche b) am ecosystem c) a community d) a population
a _______________________ is a group of the same species living and interacting within a community
a) niche b) microhabitat c) population d) habitat
The area and condtions in which you find an organism are called
a) an ecosystem b) a niche c) a community d) a habitat
a _____________ is a type of habitat that exiasts on a very small scale
a) microhabitat b) niche c) population d) community
an organisms role in its habitat is called its
a) community b) niche c) population d) microhabitat
Energy flow through an ecosystem affect the ecosystem by
a) determining how much energy is available for high trophic levels b) all of the answers are correct c) reversing to accumulate in secondary consumers d) reducing the amount of primary production required
The __________ nutrient cycle is the basis for most of the biomass in all ecosystems
a) carbon b) phosphorus c) nitrogen d) oxygen
The ____ nutrient cycle is thought to be limited in marine ecosystems compared to terrestrial ecosystems
a) carbon b) phosphorus c) nitrogen d) oxygen
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