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What was manufactured in Pittsburgh in the late 1800s/early 1900s?
a) steel b) textiles c) hamburgers d) automobiles
He was a Confederate general who wanted the United States to reconcile peacefully.
a) Robert E. Lee b) Abraham Lincoln c) Frederick Douglass d) Booker T. Washington
He believed in vocational education for African Americans, and was okay with segregation.
a) Booker T. Washington b) W.E.B. DuBois c) Abraham Lincoln d) Robert E. Lee
This former slave wrote an autobiography, and traveled around speaking about amendments to help African Americans.
a) Frederick Douglass b) Booker T. Washington c) W.E.B. DuBois d) Abraham Lincoln
He wanted full civil, political, and economic rights for African Americans immediately.
a) W.E.B. DuBois b) Booker T. Washington c) Abraham Lincoln d) Robert E. Lee
These were Northerners who moved to the South after the Civil War; most Southerners hated them.
a) carpetbaggers b) scalawags c) freedmen d) sharecroppers
These were people from the South who agreed with Reconstruction; most Southerners hated them.
a) scalawags b) carpetbaggers c) freedmen d) sharecroppers
This organization was created to help provide food, schooling, and other services to formerly enslaved people.
a) Freedman's Bureau b) Black Codes c) Jim Crow Laws d) Civil Rights Act of 1866
Jim Crow Laws created unequal opportunities in all of these EXCEPT-
a) reconciliation b) housing c) work d) education
These were people who rented farmland in the South, but were basically treated like slaves and were very poor.
a) sharecroppers b) freedmen c) scalawags d) carpetbaggers
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