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Which is NOT a cause of Cancer
a) Cell phones b) Tobacco and cancer c) Diet and physical activity d) sun and UV exposure
Cancer happens when cells can't control their growth.
a) True b) False c) d)
The word malignant means?
a) not cancerous b) cancerous c) benign d) metastasize
The removal of small tissue sample, to be examined .
a) Apoptosis b) Radiation c) Biopsy d) Fibroid
Study of factors that affect the prevalence,distribution,and control of disease.
a) Oncology b) Epidemiology c) Prophylactic d) Endometrial
When cancers metastasize,they spread to other parts of the body.
a) True b) False c) d)
Test that produce pictures of the area inside the body
a) Imaging b) Radiation c) Tomography CT d) PET scan
a) Cells that protect skin b) Soft spongy tissue in the bone. c) Skin pigment d) Small,round cell found in lower part of the skin.
The following are types of cancer treatments but one..
a) colonoscopy b) Chemotherapy c) Radiation d) Brachytherapy
Disappearence of the signs and sympotoms of cancer.
a) Fibroid b) Carcinogen c) Radioactive d) Remission
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