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They ate so much at the fair that they were elephants.
a) metaphor b) simile c) hyperbole d) personification
She is as busy as a bee.
a) personification b) idiom c) metaphor d) simile
The trees waved as the students walked by in the cold wind.
a) personification b) simile c) idiom d) metaphor
I have been working on this homework for 500 years.
a) idiom b) hyperbole c) simile d) personification
His mind was like a machine that broke down.
a) metaphor b) simile c) personification d) symbolism
The leaves danced in the wind
a) symbolism b) simile c) personifcation d) idiom
Ideas are money
a) personification b) simile c) metaphor d) pesonification
A level playing filled
a) idiom b) personification c) symbolism d) metaphor
The American flag and freedom
a) idiom b) symbolism c) simile d) personifcation
Biblly Bob bought bread and butter but not a basket
a) alliteration b) simile c) personification d) metaphor
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