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The "untying of the plot" or the resolution of the play is the
a) exposition b) climax c) denouement d) conclusion
A literary element found in written play scripts that gives the actors and directors information about the movement of the character or the action of the play is
a) dialogue b) monologue c) plot structure d) stage directions
The use of highs and lows and varying the pitch of one's voice is
a) diction b) rate c) inflection d) articulation
Painted canvas covered frames are called
a) microphones b) set props c) hand props d) flats
In order to express meaning, an actor should learn to vary how fast or slow she/he speaks to learn to vary her/his ______________________.
a) diction b) rate c) inflection d) articulation
The act of producing a speech sound with vowels and consonants is the use of ______________ on stage.
a) diction b) rate c) articulation d) volume
When a character is alone onstage delivering a speech, either to another character or alone to the audience, that character is delivering a
a) dialogue b) monologue c) denouement d) climax
The use of sounds, inflection, pitch, rate, language, diction, and articulation is
a) verbal communication b) non-verbal communication c) character motivation d) speaking habits
The area of stage closest to the audience is the
a) upstage area b) backstage area c) downstage area d) center stage area
The area of the stage farthest from the audience is the
a) upstage area b) downstage area c) center stage area d) backstage area
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