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It took
a) its b) her c) my d) his
Lolamae will be happy to slither up
a) your b) its c) their d) our
Each animal is adapted to "it’s" environment.
a) its b) his c) ours d) mine
They can use these organs to locate
a) his b) hers c) their d) thems
My corn snake Lolamae can take a whole mouse or egg in
a) it's b) her c) their d) its
This bleached-out turtle shell is "the one belonging to me".
a) hers b) his c) it's d) mine
Zara and Ted explained that the rat was "Zara's" and the hamster was "Ted's."
a) their; theirs b) mine,his c) hers, his d) ours, theirs
We let the fireflies go. Our friends released (__________) later.
a) their b) theirs c) it's d) my
A snake sheds a "snake's" skin when it outgrows it.
a) its b) mine c) it's d) our
The light flashes from (__________) abdomen.
a) it's b) mine c) their d) ours
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