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Dusk is (__________) time to glow and flash.
a) theirs b) their c) mine d) our
Be sure to punch air holes in (___________) top.
a) its b) their c) her d) it's
Which of these jars is (__________)?
a) her b) our c) yours d) their
We will catch fireflies in (____________) hands.
a) her b) its c) their d) our
Most of us think that ants are pests to be swept out of ( ) way
a) their b) it's c) our d) its
Ants are very strong for ants’ size and can carry 25 times ants’ weight.
a) our b) their c) they d) its
The queen ant flies to a new location to start a colony, then sheds the queen’s wings.
a) its b) theirs c) mine d) her
Both males and females have wings on the males’ and females’ bodies.
a) his b) its c) their d) hers
An ant colony relies on the ant colony’s queen.
a) its b) his c) theirs d) hers
I have ten fireflies in (___________) jar.
a) mine b) theirs c) their d) my
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