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Before the beginning of World War I, American foreign policy was to—
a) provide support and aid to all European nations b) be diplomatically involved with most favored nations only c) remain neutral, adopting a policy of isolationism d)
Which of the following was a Central Power in WW1
a) United States b) Germany c) France d) Russia
Which country was NOT a Central Power against the Allies during World War I?
a) Germany b) Austria-Hungary c) Serbia d) Ottoman Empire
A feeling of intense loyalty to one's country or group is called
a) alliance b) nationalism c) militarism d)
Many European countries formed partnerships or ______________ with other countries
a) alliance b) nationalism c) militarism d)
Whose assassination led to World War 1?
a) John F Kennedy b) Adolf Hitler c) Archduke Ferdinand d)
. The building up of a countries military due to a perceived threat from a neighboring country is called . . .
a) alliance b) nationalism c) militarism d)
The Zimmerman Telegram was a message from Germany asking for help from which country?
a) Canada b) Mexico c) France d)
What caused the US to enter World War 1
a) The Zimmerman Telegram b) Russia’s withdrawal from the war c) The sinking of the Lusitania d)
Which country was Archduke Ferdinand visiting when he was assassinated?
a) Poland b) Serbia c) Germany d)
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