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A cloud that is formed close to the ground is called _________________
a) fog b) cirrus c) stratus d) cumulus
Big pufffy white clouds are called ________________________
a) fog b) cirrus c) cumulus d) stratus
Clouds that are flat and cover the sky like a blanket are called __________________
a) cumulus b) fog c) cirrus d) stratus
Cloud that form very high in the sky and are mainly ice crystals are called _______________
a) stratus b) cumulus c) fog d) cirrus
A gentle rain can be caused by a ___________ front
a) warm b) cold c) heat d) cloud
Storms can be cuased by a ___________________ front
a) warm b) cold c) heat d) cloud
Air masses are large bodies of air that have the same temperature and _____________
a) coldness b) evaporation c) heat d) humidity
IN the US, air masses move from _________ to ____________
a) North to south b) east to west c) west to east d) South to North
Where two air masses meet is called a _____________
a) cloud b) line c) front d) humidity
The amount of moisture in the air is called __________________________.
a) warm front b) evaporation c) humidity d) cold front
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