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Where in the cell does respiration take place?
a) mitochondria b) chloroplast c) cell membrane d) nucleus
What is the starting material for fermentation?
a) oxygen b) glucose c) fat d) water
What material is produced from fermentation?
a) Carbon dioxide, water, energy b) carbon dioxide, water, sugar c) sugar, oxygen, carbon dioxide d) carbon dioxide, alcohol, energy
What material is produced from cellular respiration?
a) Water, carbon dioxide, energy b) water c) sugar and oxygen d) carbon dioxide
Which processes requires oxygen?
a) fermentation b) respiration c) photosynthesis d) mitosis
Which process releases the most energy from glucose?
a) fermentation b) respiration c) photosynthesis d) mitosis
How are fermentation and respiration alike?
a) They both release energy for the cell b) They both use oxygen c) They take place in the mitochondria d) They release water
Which statement is NOT true about fermentation?
a) Fermentation is used by bacteria in yogurt b) Fermentation is used by Yeast and makes bread rise c) Fermentation releases more energy per glucose than respiration d) Fermentation does not require oxygen
What material is needed for cellular respiration?
a) water b) glucose and water c) glucose and oxygen d) oxygen
Where in the cell does fermentation take place?
a) mitochondria b) cytoplasm c) nucleus d) cell membrane
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