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When an object changes its position relative to a reference point:
a) motion b) scalar c) displacement d) distance
Distance is a _____ quantity.
a) vector b) non-important c) displacement d) scalar
A number with magnitude (size or amount) only is:
a) scalar b) number with a low value c) number with a high value d) vector
On a graph, distance is always the _____.
a) independent variable b) dependent variable c) variable with the smallest range d) variable with the largest range
_____ speed is speed that doesn't change over time.
a) average b) changing c) constant d) instantaneous
_____ is measured in seconds, minutes, or hours.
a) speed b) time c) height d) distance
____ describes the distance and direction from a starting point.
a) displacement b) motion c) distance d) direction
____ describes the magnitude and direction.
a) vector b) displacement c) distance d) scalar
Displacement is a _____ quantity because it has both distance and direction.
a) scalar b) small c) large d) vector
___ is measured in m/s or km/hr.
a) distance b) speed c) time d) direction
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