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A type of symbiosis in which 1 organism benefits &the other is harmed is called?
a) Mutualism b) parasitism c) succession d) Commensalism
Form of symbiosis in which both organisms benefit is called
a) mutualism b) prediation c) commenalism d) competition
All the biotic and abiotic factors in a pond form
a) biosphere b) niche c) community d) ecosystem
Small steps in which a Lg fish eats a Sm fish that has eaten algae is a
a) Food chain b) biomass pyramid c) pyramid of numbers d) Food web
The total mass of living tissue at each tropic level can be shown
a) energy pyramid b) pyramid of numbers c) biomass pyramid d) biogeochemical cycle
What is a heterotroph?
a) Plant b) Grass c) Water d) Animal
What is an autotroph
a) animal b) plant c) water d) rock
Nutural disturbances, such as fires and hurricanes can result in
a) Commensalism b) competition c) parasitism d) succession
All the earth's energy comes from ?
a) food b) rock c) sun d) water
Name the structure that controls the cell's activites
a) nucleus b) ER c) cell membrane d) Golgi
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