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What could happen if people introduce a new animal into an environment?
a) The environment will not be affected b) all plants and animals will live together c) other animals will create pollution d) the animal uses up resources
An example of something that is harmful to the environment is
a) a bird that builds a next on a rooftop b) a plant that decomposes c) an oil spill in the ocean d) a lake filled with fresh water
Which of the followingn is a reason why pandas are endangered?
a) people have destroyed the forests where they live b) hunters kill them for their fur c) they are no longer able to migrate in the winter d) the waqter sources in their environment have dried up
What do fish fossils found on land tell us?
a) that there were land-roaming fish b) that many different animals fed on fish c) that peopleonce fished on the beach d) that part of the land was once covered in water
If a predator in an environment dies out, whaqt do you think would happen to the predator\'s prey?
a) it would die out b) it would have new predators c) there would be a lot more of the prey d) it would migrate
How can you tell what an animal ate by examining its fossil?
a) look at it's stomach b) study its teeth c) study the plants in the area d) see what animals are dead next to it
What is a natural cause of wildfires?
a) matches b) cars c) house fires d) lightning
Winneconne Elementary helps the environment by...
a) having recycling bins in the school b) teachers keep their doors closed to keep heat in c) by having faucets that automatically shut off in the bathrooms d) all of these
Why should you plant trees in an open space instead of putting a building there?
a) to create a new habitat b) to have more trees for cleaner air c) trees help prevent erosion d) all of these
What is an effect of wildfires?
a) destroy habitats and pollute air with smoke b) toasted marshmallows c) a clear place for a new shopping mall to go d) a flood
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