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to plunge; to dive down quickly
a) swoop b) assume c) confer d) remedy
a treatment for a disease; a cure
a) remedy b) mellow c) confer d) crisis
to insult someone; to be rude
a) offend b) require c) confer d) remedy
to demand; to make something necessary
a) require b) considerate c) assume d) offend
to talk with someone in order to compare ideas
a) confer b) assume c) require d) offend
to think about the needs and feelings of others; to be kind
a) considerate b) mellow c) encouraging d) offend
a dangerous or worrying time
a) crisis b) remedy c) considerate d) swoop
to guess, to believe without proof
a) assume b) offend c) require d) confer
easygoing, calm, peaceful
a) mellow b) encouraging c) considerate d) crisis
giving someone hope, urging someone to do something
a) encouraging b) require c) assume d) confer
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