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What does the word “Renaissance” mean in French?
a) Dangerous b) Rebirth c) No d) No
What 2 cultures were “reborn” during the Renaissance?
a) America and Spain b) Greece and Rome c) No d) No
Who was the leader of the Reformation?
a) John Locke b) Martin Luther c) No d) No
Knowledge of the past can help us to improve the
a) Future only b) Present and Future c) No d) No
Studying history teaches you how to
a) Lie b) Think c) No d) No
Sources that were there when an event actually happened are called
a) Secondary b) Primary c) No d) No
Sources that heard or read about an event after it happened are called ________
a) Primary b) Secondary c) No d) No
The first set of laws were called ___________________
a) Penal Code b) Hammurabi's Code c) No d) No
Belief in one god is called ________________.
a) Polytheism b) Monotheism c) No d) No
Belief in more than one god is called _ __________________.
a) Monotheism b) Polytheism c) No d) No
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