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Greece has many mountains.
a) True b) False c) Don't pick this d) Don't pick this
Greek city states united together to fight against an enemy in the Persian Wars.
a) True b) False c) Don't pick this d) Don't pick this
Who did Athens fight in the Peloponnesian wars?
a) Rome b) Sparta c) No d) No
Who spread the Greek civilization all over the world?
a) Nicholas the Good b) Alexander the Great c) No d) No
What were Rome’s 3 keys to success?
a) Law, Organization, Government b) Luck, magic, Speed c) No d) No
What Roman leader was murdered by a group of senators and generals including his friend Brutus?
a) Hannibal b) Caesar c) No d) No
What was the name of the gladiator who lead an armyof gladiators against Rome from 73-71 B.C.?
a) Crassus b) Spartacus c) No d) No
What took the place of the Roman Empire after its fall?
a) Suburbs b) Small Kingdoms c) No d) No
Feudalism is based on the owning of _______________.
a) Gold b) Land c) No d) No
What institution took the place of the Roman government?
a) Mosques b) The Catholic Church c) No d) No
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