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Belief in one god is called ________________.
a) Monotheism b) Polytheism c) No d) No
Belief in more than one god is called _ __________________.
a) Monotheism b) Polytheism c) no d) no
Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all ________________ religions.
a) Polytheistic b) Monotheistic c) d)
The idea that after death a soul is reborn is called ____________.
a) Frankinsteinsim b) Reincarnation c) No d) No
The good and bad deeds that a person carries from one a. dharma
a) Dharma b) Karma c) No d) No
Which religion was started by a prince named Siddhartha Gautama?
a) Taoism b) Buddhism c) no d) no
Which religion wants to keep everything very simple and natural?
a) Buddhism b) Taoism c) No d) No
Which religion follows the “Silver Rule”?
a) Confuscianism b) Hinduism c) No d) No
A government lead by the people by majority rule (people vote) it is a ____________.
a) Anarchy b) Democracy c) No d) No
Greece is a Peninsula.
a) true b) False c) Don't pick this d) Don't pick this
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