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Knowledge of the past can help us to improve the
a) Past b) Present c) Future d) Present and Future
Studying history teaches you how to
a) Lie b) Cheat c) Think d) Exercise
Sources that were there when an event actually happened are called
a) Primary b) No c) No d) Secondary
Sources that heard or read about an event after it happened are called
a) Primary b) No c) No d) Secondary
Traders, government officials, and toolmakers are examples of this.
a) Advanced Cities b) No c) No d) Specialized Workers
This helped laws develop and let people keep track of taxes.
a) Complex Institutions b) No c) No d) Record Keeping
These places let people trade with each other.
a) Record Keeping b) No c) No d) Advanced Cities
Examples of these are government, religion and the economy.
a) Advanced Technology b) No c) No d) Complex Institutions
This made people’s lives’ easier. Examples include irrigation,the potter’s wheel and bronze weapons.
a) Advanced technology b) No c) No d) Record Keeping
The first set of laws were called ___________________
a) Hammurab's code b) no c) no d) penal code
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