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refers to illegal copying and selling CD’s
a) Bootlegging b) Copyright Infringement c) Stealing d)
protect the expression of an idea but not the underlying idea itself, i.e. composers, artists, photographers
a) Copyright b) Patent c) d)
a term for uses of content that is considered valid defenses to copyright infringement, such as for criticism or educational purposes
a) Borrowing b) Fair Use c) d)
property that is intangible and you cannot touch
a) Intellectual b) Personal c) Real d)
to grant the exclusive right to make, use, and sell a product or process
a) Copyright b) Fair Use c) Patent d)
use of another's information, language, or writing w/o permission
a) Cheating b) Plagiarism c) Stealing d)
distinctive mark, symbol, or slogan or any combination of these used by a business to identify goods
a) Logo b) Trademark c) Slogan d)
unauthorized copying of software
a) Piracy b) Plagiarism c) d)
violation of a law or a right
a) Fair Use b) Infringement c) d)
protection under state law against unauthorized use
a) Business Secrets b) Private Secrets c) Trade Secrets d)
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