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How is a chemical change different from a physical change?
a) a chemical change changes the state of matter b) a chemical change destroys atoms c) a chemical change alters the identity of a substance d) chemical changes only take place in certain parts of the world
If five grams of sodium (NA) reacts with ten grams of chlorine, how many grams of table salt are formed?
a) 50 b) 15 c) 35 d) 25
aluminum can be rolled into thin sheets because of its
a) magetism b) ductility c) solubility d) malleability
Which of the following describes how to calculate atomic mass
a) add the number of electrons to the number of protons b) add the number of protons and neutrons c) subtract the number of electrons from the number of protons d) add the electrons, protons, and neutrons of the atom
A carcinogen is
a) any chemical that is known to cause cancer b) a chemical that causes birth defects, such as fetal alcohol syndrome c) the chemical used in radiation treatment of cancer patients d) a chemical used as a food preservative in dairy products
what is the difference between a synthetic element and a natural element
a) synthetic elements are not found in nature b) synthetic elements can be used in chemical reactions c) natural elements do not combine with other atoms d) synthetic elements dissolve easily
Fetal alchol syndrome is an example of
a) carcinogen b) mutagen c) a teratogen, or birth defect d) drug addiction
a child must take medicine in smaller doses than adults because
a) children have a higher susceptibility to harmful chemicals b) children are not as susceptible to diseases as adults c) adults are often working and therefore exposed to more deadly chemicals d) children have less body mass
which of the following is an example of a chemical change
a) ice cream melting b) water evaporating c) a nail rusting d) face blushing
how is density calculated?
a) mass multiplied by volume b) mass subtracted from volume c) mass divided by volume d) volume subtracted from mass
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