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Earthquakes vibrations are detected, measured and recorded by instruments called
a) sonorgraphs b) seismographs c) Richter scale d) magnetometer
What scale measures the damage done by an earthquake to determine an earthquake's density?
a) modified Mercalli scale b) moment magnitude scale c) Richter scale d) seismic magnitude scale
Most of the world's major earathquakes occur in areas bordering the
a) Atlantic Ocean b) Pacific Ocean c) Indian Ocean d) Mediterranean Sea
An earthquake on the ocean floor can produce a
a) waterspout b) undersea volcano c) tsunami d) hydrothermal vent
In which area would a landslide be most likely to occur as a result of an earthquake in California?
a) Central Valley b) Sierra Nevada c) San Andreas Fault d) Sacramento
Why is water more important in California than in many other states?
a) California has less water than any other state. b) California's water supply is polluted by the Pacific Ocean. c) More people live in California than in any other state. d) California's economy is based on industry and agriculture, which require a lot of water.
Which of the following energy sources is most likely to be abundant in California due to its position on plate boundary?
a) wind b) nuclear c) solar d) geothermal
Which of these is an important storm hazard in California?
a) tsunamis b) tornadoes c) mudflows d) hurricanes
Which of these processes are most responsible for building California's mountains?
a) deposition of river and ocean sediment b) massive earthquakes on the continental shelf c) movement of tectonic plates d) erosion of an ancient plateau
What is the source of most of Califonia's water?
a) coastal rain from Pacific ocean winds b) underground aquifers throughout the state c) rain and snow in mountain watesheds d) canals running from Colorado River.
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