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The basic raw materials for photosynthesis are
a) water and carbon dioxide b) Sugar and water c) sun and carbon dioxide d) sugar and carbon dioxide
Which factor least influneces the rate of photosynthesis
a) concentration of nitrogen in the air b) atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide c) number of chloroplasts d) time of day
What plant structures contain chlorophyll
a) cenn membrane b) mitochondria c) ribosomes d)
Which compound is formed because of the the process of photosynthesis
a) glucose b) water c) oxygen d) protein
Which of the following is not an important element for living things
a) Boran b) oxygen c) nitrogen d) carbon
A plant cell that lacks chloroplasts will not
a) give off oxygen b) take in water c) take in food d) give off carbon dioxide
Photosynthesis is important to living thins because it porvides ___
a) glucose and carbon dioxide b) oxygen and ATP c) water and carbon dioxide d) Glucose and oxygen
kWhich of the following not an example of a heterotroph
a) sunflower b) deer c) mushroom d) ant
Photosynthesis means
a) made of light b) outside the cell c) inside the cell d) breathing
Photosynthesis takes place in the plants cell's
a) chloroplasts b) carbohydrates c) chromatids d) mitochondria
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