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What type of cell transport does not use ATP?
a) endocytosis b) osmosis c) isotonic d) exocytosis
Which type of cell transport involves water moving across a cell membrane?
a) diffusion b) none of the above c) facilitated transport d) osmosis
When water leaves a cell, the cell is in what type of solution?
a) isotonic b) hemotonic c) hypotonic d) hypertonic
A cell has 70% water and it\'s surroundings is 100% water. What type of environment is this?
a) isotonic b) hemotonic c) hypotonic d) hypertonic
When water doesn\'t enter or leave a cell it is said to be
a) hypertonic b) chemotonic c) isotonic d) hypotonic
When large particles leave the cell with the use of cell energy, it is called
a) exocytosis b) diffusion c) osmosis d) endocytosis
The movement of substances across the cell membrane without the use of energy.
a) osmosis b) diffusion c) exocytosis d) endocytosis
Active transport
a) does not require ATP b) includes osmosis c) includes endocytosis d) includes diffusion
The best example of equilibrium would be:
a) hypotonic b) facilitated transport c) isotonic d) hypertonic
Substances must enter and leave the cell to maintain
a) homeostasis b) organic balance c) metabolism d) chemiosmosis
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